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ROAD to Oprah

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ROAD to Oprah
ROAD to Oprah
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Raymond Goode
Raymond Goode
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Dear Oprah,

I remember the day I almost killed myself. I ran into my parents house and instantly my dad knew something was wrong. After struggling to talk to my mother, my dad and I went into a deep conversation like we had never had before. After overcoming the last obstacle in my life (building a connection with my father) my eyes became wider than ever. I stopped walking around with my eyes wide shut. I started listening to every characteristic that anyone has ever said about me whether they were positive or negative. I began to see myself and the qualities that I have to save a nation. I began to evolve into the man that I am intended to be and not the one that world wants me to be. They say that out of darkness comes light and my mission is to let this little light of mine shine.

Thank you for giving me the vision that was needed to pursue my dream. I have experienced many ups and downs and have shown resilience to a world that has possibilities of promoting ugliness. Road to Oprah has taught me courage, commitment, patience, determination and persistence. All the traits needed for me to become a positive role model to everyone world-wide. On this road, I have learned to love unconditionally and fulfill my civic duty of teaching my knowledge to every person that I come into contact with. Above all, Road to Oprah will motivate and encourage anyone to push forward with their dreams. Road to Oprah shows the determination of one man who refuses to give up. Road to Oprah will inspire all to follow their dreams and never give up. Road to Oprah has been the portal to my soul that I chose to share with the world. I would personally like to welcome you to the Raymond Goode show.


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